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Based in Alberta, Canada with 4 staff members, we have been selling Salvia for over 4 years. We have an exclusive arrangement with the largest Salvia producer in the world. We have access to the absolute highest quality Salvia, PERIOD!

Unlike other online Salvia stores, we do not package and ship your Salvia from our mom's basement, yes this fact is sad, but true.

 We have two major centers that we have wholesale agreements with, one in Wisconsin, and another in Vancouver, Canada. This arrangement enables us to serve both our U.S & Canadian Clients efficiently. Our average order arrival time is between 1-5 Business days, and we are NEVER out of product! Compare that to other online stores!

Mailing Address:4080 Paradise Road #15-142 Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Email Support: support at salviadepot.com




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I first ordered the 5X extract. Me and a few friends stayed in the first effect stage. After smoking almost a quarter of a gram, with salvia leave in a water bong, I got some pretty intense effects, but only in the stage of lsd-like effects.

Then we ordered the X10 extract....

- Richard D.
With Salvia 5x or 10x our users report..
  • Out of Body Experiences
  • Traveling Back or Forward in Time
  • Feelings of enlightenment
  • Warm, heavy waves over there bodies.
  • Intense rushes
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