Jay & Scott-

I was to take one 5x, and then one 10x extract from a double water bong we had.

I lit up the first hit, and inhaled  it for about 30 seconds. I took to the second hit. I don't smoke, so despite Salvia's smooth smoke I still had trouble keeping it down. 10 seconds was the best I could do. After a few quick, deep breaths I took to the third and final hit.

I closed my eyes and cringed as I struggled to keep the smoke in. Thoughts were coursing through my head as normal, but they began to magnify and expand to fill my entire range of consciousness. The idea of me watching my thoughts slowly shifted to 'I am these thoughts.'

The peak of the trip however was at the beginning, probably 3 seconds after I closed my eyes. As each thought manifested in the continuum of cause and effect, I felt compelled to resolve them. Each time I resolved one, another would manifest like an infinite cycle of recursion, which, in retrospect, was resulting in greater levels of fear. I felt hopelessly conditioned to this cyclic existence of resolving my own thoughts while trying as hard as I could to escape from the sequence of thoughts which had become all-pervasive within my consciousness.


When I smoked salvia divinorum, I'd had a lot of experience with marijuana and a good bit of experience with mushrooms as well, so although I was informed that salvia was going to be unlike anything I had ever experienced, I really didn't think it would be too intense--after all, how can something legal be more intense than mushrooms? I was very, very wrong. My worldview has been permanently and irreversibly altered by my experience with salvia divinorum.

My sitter gauged how much salvia would be good for a solid, intense trip and then packed my pipe for me. I was sitting outside and he was sitting next to me while I inhaled. I took a really long, deep, hard toke the first time I hit it. By the time I exhaled it, I was already seeing vivid fractal patterns in the smoke. I took another hit and, again, before even exhaling, my visual hallucinations got more and more intense and I was seeing flashing snowflake like patterns above me. My sitter asked if I needed another hit and I don't remember responding, but he said my answer was, 'No, the universe is already twisting.'

I stretched out on my back and suddenly lost all sense of time, space, language, and identity. My experience completely transcended anything that could be put into words. My sitter said that I was speaking very coherently about my trip, but I felt like the words coming out of my mouth were mere sounds, and that those sounds were creating individual universes every time a new syllable escaped my lips.

I then had a physical and emotional feeling of being born. I suddenly felt wet, cold, and alone, and my impulse was to reach out for my mother (who, of course, wasn't there). I told my sitter that I felt scared and alone and he held me for a few minutes until the most intense part of the trip had passed.

When the trip was starting to wear off, I looked up at the sky and could see the big dipper. I announced to my sitter that I thought it was funny that when I picked out which universe to land in, I chose one with a big spoon in the sky... It was hilarious at the time, and I ended up laughing until I had mostly sobered up.


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I first ordered the 5X extract. Me and a few friends stayed in the first effect stage. After smoking almost a quarter of a gram, with salvia leave in a water bong, I got some pretty intense effects, but only in the stage of lsd-like effects.

Then we ordered the X10 extract....

- Richard D.
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