Salvia divinorum produces unique effects that are difficult to accurately describe by comparing them to those produced by other psychoactive plants or drugs. The primary psychoactive chemical in Salvia divinorum is Salvinorin A, but there may be other minor chemicals that affect its action. Effects vary, based on dose and method of ingestion such as smoking salvia. Effects range from very light, at lower doses, to overwhelmingly strong at higher doses. While Salvia Divinorum effects are usually grouped with other visionary-class psycho actives such as smoked DMT, its effects are so radically different that such comparisons can often just lead to misunderstandings. Some effects that have been reported are:
  • Loss of physical coordination
  • Uncontrollable laughter
  • Visual alterations or visions
  • Experiencing multiple realities
  • A contemplative sense of peace
  • Sense of profound understanding
  • Dream-like veneer over the world
  • Sense of total confusion or madness
  • Seeing or becoming part of a tunnel
  • Loss of sense of awareness as an individual
  • Experiencing a "non-Euclidean" geometry
  • Sense of flying, floating, twisting, or turning
  • Feeling of being immersed in an energy field
  • Feeling of being connected to a larger "whole"
  • Feeling of being underground or underwater
  • Appearing to travel to other places and/or times
  • Becoming inanimate objects (a wall, stairs, a couch, etc.)
  • Viewing patterns or shapes that are tube-like, snake-like, or worm-like

Despite the fact that Salvia divinorum is, on rare occasions, marketed as a "legal Cannabis substitute", the effects of smoking salvia  are not generally perceived as being like those produced by Cannabis. However, many miscellaneous herbs are touted as 'cannabis substitutes' without any significant similarity to Cannabis effects. S. divinorum is not considered a 'party drug', as its effects are not particularly conducive to social interaction, tend towards the non-verbal, and can often be extremely disconcerting and frightening. Those experienced with Salvia divinorum generally use it in more quiet settings for introspective contemplation and meditation. The expectations and interests of those using it for the first time vary considerably, but often include seeking the novelty of a new psychoactive experience. From most reports, only a small portion of those who get a strong Salvinorin experience return very often to that strange space.


The duration of effects depends on the method of consumption and the amount consumed. It has been reported lasting from about 15 minutes to over 3 hours. Generally, smoked salvia effects come on quickly, peak for 5-20 minutes, and then begin to subside. The oral and sublingual methods take longer to begin effects and last longer. Although there is a small number of people who report effects lasting over 4 hours from oral/quid use, the large majority of people find most effects taper off before 2 hours.

It is almost certainly not like what you expect. Even if you have considerable experience with other psychoactive drugs, you will find that salvia is ALLOT different from what you may have felt or encountered before. Salvia is unique, and smoking it is best understood on its own terms, and not by comparing it with stories of experiences with other substances. Salvia is not a recreational drug, rather, it is best used by those wishing to explore deep meditative states, spiritual realms, mysticism, the nature of consciousness and reality, or the possibilities of shamanistic healing. Experiences will vary with the person,  and setting as well as with dose. It produces a short-lived inebriation that is very different from that of alcohol. However, like alcohol it interferes with the ability to drive, produces in coordination (ataxia), and may produce slurred speech.

The inebriation, at low doses, can facilitate aesthetic and sensual appreciation. However, the experience is not marijuana-like, and smoking salvia is not a marijuana substitute. At somewhat higher doses, visionary trances occur. The lowest level visions consist mainly of closed-eye imagery somewhat similar to the  phenomena that many people experience when falling asleep. These tend to be two dimensional faint images. The term "eye candy" is an appropriate description of the interesting closed eye visuals that are not confused with reality. At this level communication with others is still easy and one can move about although you may feel a bit uncoordinated. With a higher dose vivid visual images occur even with eyes open, and with eyes closed one may completely enter the visionary world, and it will seem quite real, but upon opening ones eyes one will reestablish contact with ones surroundings. Speech patterns may be interfered with and communication is can be difficult. At even higher doses, one will remain conscious but completely enters an inner realm and loses all contact with ones actual surroundings. Some people may move around in this deep trance state and for this reason a sitter is required for anyone seeking to explore such deep levels. With very high dosage a brief period of unconsciousness or at least the inability to subsequently remember the experience will occur. It is useful to have a scale to describe salvia experiences.


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